Dataisnature: Interrelationships between natural processes, computational systems and procedural-based art practices

Alexandra Roozen – Bitmap Signals & Algorithmic Noise

Alexandra Roozen’s monochromatic drawings mimic bitmap processes, corrupted signals, transmission noise and spatial distributions generated by computer algorithms.

The Disturb series suggests a simulation of screen static, interference and (white) noise. Perhaps these drawings reveal more about the glitch aesthetic than their digital counterparts do. Here the ‘essence’ of corruption had been captured in its purest form and filtered through the corruption of memory itself.

The Ruis/Noise etches continue the trajectory of human generated noise into a territory approaching asemic writing. On close inspection arrangements of dots and dashes appear to hammer out a code or secret cypher.

The Stripped series employ a meticulously robotic and a subtle shading technique which enhances the notion of depth and curvature. These surface object-arrays provide a greyscale homage to the rhythmic multiform modulation mantras of Victor Vasarely.

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