The TRACES Project overview

Drawing series
2021-2022, pencil on paper, 96×64 cm (48x).
The TRACES project is based on two scores by composer Willem Boogman about Alexandra Roozen’s series ‘Plain Dust’ and her series ‘Seen by Hand’. In 2019 the renowned Ives Ensemble played the first part ‘Plain Dust’ in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. The second part, ‘Seen by hand’, was not performed in 2020 due to the Covid measures.

Text based working
During the lockdown in 2020-21, Alexandra Roozen studied the two scores. Texts written in the margins caught her attention, a remarkably large amount of 64 rules for musicians, such as: Change direction now!, Vaguely present as a contour, Louder than the others, Always light accents! etc. Following this, the design for the drawings was made.

Drilling machine
The works are drawn with a rotating pencil that is controlled by a drilling machine. This makes the mechanical force and its sound, versus taming the line into a shape, a challenge. It is an unconventional technique that has been mastered through experiments and recorded in the short video TRACES.


This project is made possible thanks to filmmaker Inouschka de Nooijer, Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam and the ‘Droom en Daad’ Foundation.


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