From Scratch I

From Scratch

Text 'Sensing Traces'

‘Sensing Traces’

Interview Apropos Art

Interview Apropos Art

Publication 'Seen by Hand'

‘Seen by Hand’

Alexandra Roozen

Interview We Like Art

O&O, Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam

Interview O&O

What is a horizon?

‘What is a horizon?’

Essay by Peter Lodermeyer, art historian, art critic, author, and curator based in Bonn, Germany.


Atelierbezoek Olphaert den Otter

Between Eye and Understanding

‘Between Eye and Understanding’

Essay by Cees de Boer

Disruption of the understanding of meaning

‘The disruption of the understanding of meaning’

Essay by Dr Petran Kockelkoren

Chaos as Solution

‘Chaos as Solution’

Essay by Saskia van de Wiel